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Our company

Elegant Facilities Services has been created by experienced professionals that have been successful in this field for many years, mainly aiming to provide services in business areas.

Elegant Facilities Services, through the appropriate procedures, an exceptionally trained and specialized staff, their cooperation strategies, as well as their long experience and expertise in the field, can offer to all modern companies and corporations a wide spectrum of Facility Management services, providing an added value to its clients, by reducing relevant expenses and, at the same time, exempting them from the complexity of having to coordinate various tasks of different specialties.

Our vision and goals

Our vision is for Εlegant Facilities Services to consist the first option of our clients and partners when it comes to service provision, based on our quality, integrity, perspective and overall reputation.

Our goal in Elegant Facilities Services is to constantly evolve our services, so as to reliably cover the ever-increasing needs of our clients, by providing substantial and complete services, applying flexible programs and efficiently managing the resources and possibilities provided through our top trained staff, our technical infrastructure and by constantly implementing and improving our quality system.

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Human Resources

Our team has a common goal which is to satisfy our clients and keep our company’s high standards and values. Τhe main means to achieve this goal is our human resources. Our company is constantly investing in its employees by providing an extensive and specialized training in various fields and systems. We focus on hygiene and employee safety issues in order to eliminate any workplace accidents. Encouraging, recognizing their efforts and rewarding our employees are priorities for our company’s management.

Organization chart

The company’s Organization aims to accomplish the strategic goals by maintaining a flexible structure which can satisfy the needs of each client and task.

The aim of Administration is to define the company’s strategy, decision-making and overall control the company.

Τhe Commercial department is responsible for materializing the strategic promotion of the company’s services, as well as finding prospective clients and supporting existing ones after the completion of the contract deal.

The Technical department, staffed with appropriate employees of all specialties, is responsible for designing and implementing the tasks.

The Human Resources department is responsible for all workforce issues and staff training.

The Financial department aims to properly manage the company’s finances.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Elegant Facilities Services has created a Corporate Social Responsibility theory, based on which the company has committed itself to continuously following a moral code on everyday basis, adding value to its employees, the local community and society as a whole, contributing, at the same time, to the country’s economical development.

Elegant Facilities Services defines Corporate Social Responsibility based on three standards:

  • The people in the company- we commit to protect the health and well-being of our employees, increasing, in this way, the overall performance and productivity of our workforce.
  • Environment – we minimize the environmental impact during the rendering of our services.

Meritocracy – we respect all human and employee rights, support anyone who is different and promote equal opportunities.


Elegant Facilities Services has been certified based on the international standard of Quality Management ISO9001:2015

The Quality Policy of Elegant Facilities Services is based on our belief that “the disappointment of low quality lasts longer than the satisfaction of a low price”. Elegant Facilities Services believes Quality is of outmost importance. Only this can ensure maintaining our clientele, attracting new clients and pioneering against competitors.

Our efforts are always focused on covering the needs, desires and preferences of our clients at the optimal price.

Any comments and criticism from our partners and clients about the quality of our services is always desirable and welcome.

It is our policy and goal to train and improve the knowledge and skills of our staff. We also promote the freedom of expression and various incentives to maximize the staff’s involvement and creativity.

The Quality Management System of Elegant Facilities Services is followed and supported by all its staff members.

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Environmental policy

Our Environmental Policy is defined and applied through a detailed analysis of the activities of the company where an environmental impact has been observed, in order for the administration system to reduce it. Our activities abide by the existing legislation and that is a foremost concern of the management in Elegant Facilities Services. Furthermore, we participate in programs aiming to protect the environment. As a result, we have annual goals in order to reduce the negative environmental impact. For instance, we can mention:

  • Applying methods to reduce wastage of energy sources and materials
  • Applying methods to retrieve and reuse materials
  • Separating waste and recycling it
  • Reducing energy and water consumption (by recording consumptions and finding saving opportunities)
  • Regular maintenance of electromechanical equipment

We have committed ourselves to minimizing pollution when it comes to our company’s activities.

We have committed ourselves to fully conforming to the current legislation regarding environmental management.

One can easily conclude that the actions above are in full compliance with the company’s efforts to cut operational costs at the same time. Both the environment and the company’s finances can be benefitted simultaneously and our Environmental Management System, following the ISO 14001:2015 standard, ensures that.

Hygiene & Safety

According to the Hygiene and Work Safety Policy at Elegant Facilities Services, its employees should not be involved throughout their career in any minor or major work accident. In order to provide a healthy and safe work environment, the company follows the following regulations regarding Hygiene and Work Safety:

  • Identifying all potential hazards in the workplace
  • Evaluating the severity of these hazards
  • Assessing their consequences
  • Formulating any necessary means to eradicate or minimize them

Moreover, the company runs its Hygiene and Work Safety Program with the aid of a Safety Technician and an Occupational Doctor.

We have committed ourselves to conforming to the current legislation regarding Hygiene and Work Safety and to any other issues regarding potential health and safety hazards.

We have committed ourselves to continuously and always trying to improve our management and performance in Hygiene and Work Safety.

A confirmation of our company’s efforts in the right direction is our satisfied and healthy employees. Our company follows the Hygiene and Work Safety program according to the standard for hygiene and work safety  ISO 45001:2018.

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Data Security
ISO 27001: 2013 is the international standard for information security that has strict requirements in all areas that affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and data, from physical security of facilities, human resource management, operational and organizational procedures, relationships with partners, customers and third parties, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, up to IT and communications infrastructure security, ongoing staff training and awareness raising, security incident handling and business continuity planning .

This international certification demonstrates that Elegant Facilities Services takes all necessary measures for the security of the data it manages, including the personal data of its customers, based on the best international practices, systematically investing in its infrastructure, in its organization and to raise the awareness of its staff.