The Growth Rate of Yachting in Greece and Forecasts for 2024

Greece, with its endless coastlines and numerous islands, is one of the world’s most attractive yachting destinations. The yachting sector in Greece has shown significant growth in recent years, and forecasts for 2024 indicate that this upward trend will continue. 

Growth Rate and Comparison with 2023

The year 2023 was a milestone for Greek yachting. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism sector began to recover, and yachting was no exception. According to data from the Hellenic Marinas Association, 2023 saw a 20% increase in the number of yacht arrivals compared to 2022. Forecasts for 2024 indicate that growth will continue at a rate of 15-18%, bolstered by economic stabilization and increasing demand for luxury sea vacations.

Need for Better Facilities and Marinas

The increase in the number of yachts visiting Greece has created a need for improving the facilities and services provided at marinas. Existing marinas often fall short of meeting the rising demand, and the lack of parking spaces and maintenance services is a significant issue. Investments in new marinas and the upgrade of existing ones are necessary to sustain the growth rate of the sector. For example, Flisvos Marina and Gouvia Marina in Corfu have announced expansion and service improvement plans for 2024.

Value of Professional Cleaning and Quality Upgrade of Yachts

The quality of yachts and the services offered is a crucial factor in attracting high-level customers to yachting. Professional cleaning and regular maintenance of yachts not only enhance aesthetics and comfort but also increase the lifespan of the yachts and reduce operational costs in the long run. Investing in quality upgrades, such as installing modern technologies and using environmentally friendly materials, also contributes to the attractiveness of Greek yachting. For instance, the use of energy-efficient air conditioning and water purification systems on yachts is an emerging trend.

Challenges and Prospects

Despite the growth, the yachting sector in Greece faces challenges. Bureaucracy, licensing restrictions, and the lack of trained personnel are issues that need immediate attention. Collaboration between the public and private sectors is essential to create a favorable investment environment and promote Greece as a top yachting destination.


The yachting sector in Greece is on a growth trajectory, with highly positive forecasts for 2024. Continuous improvement of facilities and services, combined with professional maintenance and upgrading of yachts, will contribute to maintaining and enhancing this upward trend. Greece has all the prerequisites to become the ultimate yachting destination in Europe, provided that the existing challenges are addressed and the opportunities offered by the market are seized.

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