Environmental policy

Our Environmental Policy is defined and applied through a detailed analysis of the activities of the company where an environmental impact has been observed, in order for the administration system to reduce it. Our activities abide by the existing legislation and that is a foremost concern of the management in Elegant Facilities Services. Furthermore, we participate in programs aiming to protect the environment. As a result, we have annual goals in order to reduce the negative environmental impact. For instance, we can mention:

  • Applying methods to reduce wastage of energy sources and materials
  • Applying methods to retrieve and reuse materials
  • Separating waste and recycling it
  • Reducing energy and water consumption (by recording consumptions and finding saving opportunities)
  • Regular maintenance of electromechanical equipment

We have committed ourselves to minimizing pollution when it comes to our company’s activities.

We have committed ourselves to fully conforming to the current legislation regarding environmental management.

One can easily conclude that the actions above are in full compliance with the company’s efforts to cut operational costs at the same time. Both the environment and the company’s finances can be benefitted simultaneously and our Environmental Management System, following the ISO 14001:2015 standard, ensures that.