Hygiene & Safety

According to the Hygiene and Work Safety Policy at Elegant Facilities Services, its employees should not be involved throughout their career in any minor or major work accident. In order to provide a healthy and safe work environment, the company follows the following regulations regarding Hygiene and Work Safety:

  • Identifying all potential hazards in the workplace
  • Evaluating the severity of these hazards
  • Assessing their consequences
  • Formulating any necessary means to eradicate or minimize them

Moreover, the company runs its Hygiene and Work Safety Program with the aid of a Safety Technician and an Occupational Doctor.

We have committed ourselves to conforming to the current legislation regarding Hygiene and Work Safety and to any other issues regarding potential health and safety hazards.

We have committed ourselves to continuously and always trying to improve our management and performance in Hygiene and Work Safety.

A confirmation of our company’s efforts in the right direction is our satisfied and healthy employees. Our company follows the Hygiene and Work Safety program according to the standard for hygiene and work safety  ISO 45001:2018.