Technical Support

The department of Building Management and Maintenance in Elegant Facilities Services can provide complete Building management services from specialized employees and engineers of all fields (mechanical engineers, civil engineers, architects and surveyors). We offer complete Department Store Management services, as well as in apartment complexes, office buildings and mixed use buildings.

Indicatively, the services provided include:

  • Preventative and Correctional Maintenance/ Troubleshooting
  • Electromechanical Work
  • Plumbing – Water, Drainage and Rainwater Networks
  • Lighting (both indoors and outdoors)
  • Electricity generating pairs
  • Fire Protection and Extinguishing Systems
  • Public Address Audio Systems
  • Security Systems, Access Control Systems, CCTV Systems
  • Air Conditioning, Cooling – Heating – Ventilation (maintenance, study, facilities)
  • BMS (Building Management System)